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About Us

Contemporary, affordable and unique, Olyss carries contemporary appeal while invoking innovative style. Timeless, Olyss serves to produce clothing for the women of our time. Stylish mothers, young entrepreneurs and fashionable professionals alike discover lifestyle pieces at Olyss, where one may satisfy fashion hunger without financial strain.




A Unique, European-Influenced Collection

Each Olyss selection has been designed, attended to and recreated, time and time again, but its intelligent creation team. Directed by CEO Sina Yenel, the Olyss vision encapsulates visionary ideas, provokes inspiring attitudes and embraces modern goals. Each unique, European-influenced collection blends warmth, coziness and form-fitting design to display the classic sophistication of Yarns.



Simplicity is never foregone, enchanting each Olyss selection with confidence, edge and effortless feminine touches. The Olyss history is one of intrigue—intrigue prompted by years of vision fermentation, unique texture additions and careful planning.


Olyss Throughout the Years


Olyss, time and time again, has both adapted and inspired contemporary fashion via soft textures, rich textiles and unique color attributions. Olyss Silks, Linens, Cottons and Alpacas are styles worthy of any season, any excursion and any fashion-lover. The Olyss woman is young, elegant, chic and lighthearted, and Olyss has fine-tuned its style for borderless travel, multitasking and a here-and-now mindset. Accessibility defines reuse, and reuse defines style.




Olyss designers constantly promote the modern woman’s ability to achieve differentiation, strive for style, embrace new tasks and discover new options. Ever-persistent, Olyss’s development repeatedly separates from age-old looks. Simple, comfortable options needn’t be dull, and Olyss’s history is one of attention to detail. No more do contemporary trends dictate the modern woman’s look. No more must restrictive style gauge creative input.


Olyss, ever-careful in its approach to affordable, adaptable and striking looks, entices an imagination worthy of the world’s ever-growing charm.